AMV Returns and Complaint Policy

The rules of returns and complaints

Any customer who purchased the product through the site has the right to return the product within 10 days from the date of purchase.

Each customer buying the product via website has the right to subject the product to the complaint process, if he considers that product he bought has an error or don't meets with presented in promo images standard.
The product covered by the complaint will be reviewed by AMV3d Team, and when we discover an error, we will repair the product, informing the customer and making available a revised version of the product.

Before you subject a product to the complaint process, re-download it from our website. Perhaps the product has been damaged by your browser at the time of your download, or accidentally you have deleted some of it's files.

Returns should be done according to the following procedure:

Go to "Returns and Complaint" (link to the page is in the footer).

Fill out the the return acceptation form.
It will be sent to AMV3d Team Support, who will withdraw the product from your shopping list, and then will reimburse funds your PayPal account.

Refund will be made within 5 working days from the date of acceptance.

Carefully read the license available on our website. There are presented terms of the product's return process.
Remember that you are required to remove from your media all copies of the product that you purchased exactly since You will have funds back.
Remember that by returning the product, in accordance with our license, you lose the right to use it.
To re-obtain the right to use the product, you have to buy the product again.

However remember that AMV3d Team accept the return or complaint only the product that has remained in its original form. We do not repair products damaged in result of improper use, or in result of attempts to adapt them to other than the suggested programs and applications.
So, before you make a claim for return or complaint process, make sure you have not made changes in the product that could directly affect its functionality.

If you have any problems, you can contact us for assistance by

If you have any questions about product returns and complaints, you can write to our e-mail