AMV Terms of Use

Our rules

1. AMV3d is a site dedicated to selling, downloading and promoting 3D products and users graphics.
As the content published on the website should be understood any content uploaded and given by the user, such as:
-Forum posts
-Content of "About Me" site
-Graphics or product description
-Links Posted on the website (with content available directly after clicking)
-Signature content
-Content of private messages
-Content of the correspondence exchanged between the user and AMV3d Team. 

2. The user by registering on the website agree to abide by the rules set out in these terms.

3. User agree not to publish the content that is unlawful, including in particular:
-Content touting to break the law
-Content touting racial or religious intolerance
-Content humiliating nations or religions
-Content generally regarded as vulgar and indecent
-Porn content (real nudity, erotic scenes with children and animals)
-Content considered as drastic (showing physical violence, death, human remains, sadism)
-Content violating the copyrights of third parties
-Content touting to the use of illegal versions of products, or content touting to posting illegal versions of products.

4. AMV3d Team, service owners and everybody who is responsible for the service carrying out and maintaining, aren't in particular legally or property- responsible for the content posted by anybody on sites available under the domain and on any subpage or subdomains, if they were posted against the rules set out in these terms of use.

5. Administrators and moderators, later called AMV3d Team, have the right, in particular to: 
-Moderate Content posted by the user through the editing, deleting, or asking the user to change the content posted by him
-Decide of User's access to pages and products, based on reports of violations sent by other users
-Moderate Private messages that have been reported to AMV3d Team as violations notification
-Get back the access to the site from User who is interfering with its operation or the server side of the system.

6. User will be prompt via e-mail about limitation or withdraw of the possibility of using the website. If you do not agree with the AMV3d Team decision, you may apply for restoration of access to the site by sending an e-mail or via the internal contact module. 

7. The user acknowledge that some of the data are stored in our data base. This is the sole purpose of enabling secure product sales and to administer the site comfortably. Administration declares that any data stored in our database will not be used for any purpose other than to automate the operation of the site More about the data stored automatically can be found in our privacy policy.

8. The User is obliged to follow the recommendations of AMV3d Team. This will help us to keep order, and the page as friendly to all users. 

9. The administration reserves the right to communicate with the user by his given e-mail address. On user's e-mail will be sent all information concerning the activation / deactivation data of the account and services related to it.

10. Ignorance of these regulations shall not exempt from the obligation to follow it.

11. Registration and use of this website is and will remain free. The administration does not charge any fees from users related to registration or resulting from registration.

12. A registered user, on which no restrictions were imposed in accordance with a breach of the Rules, shall have the right, in particular: -Communicate with other users via the internal mail module
-Communicate with others through writing and reading forum posts
-Post his own graphic works in the gallery
-Watch profiles of other users
-Add other users to Friends List
-Delete other users from his Friends List
-Communicate with AMV3d Team via the internal mail module
-Buy products in the shop AMV3d 
-Download at any time the products he purchased
-Download at any time the products available for free
-Report content that is considered as an infringement to AMV3d Team
-Manage the content of his profile by changing his Artist Page, signatures, company data, sex, change his avatar, change his status

13. The user who stated that the restrictions imposed on him in accordance with a violation of the regulations, are wrong, have the right to ask AMV3d Team to reconsider the application. AMV3d Team is required to re-examine the application. 

14. AMV3d Team has a duty to investigate all notifications of the violations. AMV3d Team has no obligation to inform users of their decisions in accordance with the closing theme of the violations. AMV3d Team reserves the right to retain the information about the notifying user only for administrators inspection. 

15. The user who purchased the product through AMV3d Store has the right to download the product at any time of the existence of the page. 

16. Prices of products listed on the site are gross. The user, who is buying the product pays the exact amount of which is stated on the product's info.

17. Prices of products placed on the website may change. However, these changes apply to customers who have not bought the product. These changes do not apply to products already purchased.

18. Any product purchased through AMV3d Store can be returned or given to complaint process. Detailed rules for the submission of the complaint can be found on this page: Returns and Complaint

19. Administration reserves the right to change these terms. Any changes in the regulations become binding after the expiry of 7 days from the publication of the regulations. Administration states that the changes in the regulations will not result in the imposition of restrictions on users whose content is not violating the regulations before its amendment. The administration also states that changes made WON'T be related to Section 10 of the Rules and WILL NOT change any content contained therein.

Dear user! As a team we are trying to make this page friendly for people of all ages, each nation and every religion. However, it is impossible to control the entire content at the same time. So do not be indifferent. If you see a violation - please report it to the administrator >HERE<.