AMV Privacy Policy

The rules of data privacy

AMV3d page uses cookies. These are small data files stored on the user's device. Cookies are used to automate certain actions facilitating site using for users.

Cookies are not used to collect any data not directly related to the use of this page. AMV3d certifies that no data is sent or read from user devices. Those informations are not and will not be shared with third parties, used for the purpose of sending unwanted e-mail correspondence, promote businesses and services not related to the use of our Site or won't be in use to foreign product distribution purposes.

The site collects user data in two ways. The first is to save cookies that enable automation of scripts.
The second way is to store data in the database.
The database stores all the data sent by the client to the site, including in particular:
-Customer account details such as username, password, e-mail address given during registration or in the profile,
-additional information provided by the client in his profile or on the registration page,
-the information about customer activity, including information about the purchased products, information about customer activity on the site, the content of messages sent to support , data on returns and complaints, and all content posted by the user in order to publish them on the site.

AMV3d Team declares that any data collected by the system are not and will not be used for any purpose other than to enable automation of action scripts associated with the use of the page and subpages, and for making purchasing and downloading products.

AMV3d page does not have its own payment system. Payments are made through PayPal.
AMV3d page does not have access to the payer data on the PayPal website. At the time of the transaction, the customer do payments only via PayPal system. AMV3d does not collect or save any customer data treating PayPal account or bank accounts.
The AMV3d website system saves only information about the success of payment for the products.

AMV3d reserves the right to use the e-mail address and the data given by the user in the profile to send the user requested by him trade information, and to send him messages directly related to the use of his account on our website, such as activation messages, notice of the action taken on user's account, and any other information requested by the customer.

AMV3d declares that the data stored in the database are not and will not be used for the purpose of sending unsolicited email, nor will they be transferred to other entities and individuals.

AMV3d Team declares that the website system do not collect any information not directly related to the user of website and all information collected by the system are not and will not be disclosed to any third parties.