AMV License

ArMa-Vision End User License Agreement

This license agreement is a legal agreement between a person shopping in  store on the website under the domain called later a "Customer", and the ArMa-Vision Company owning AMV3d trademark and store, called later "AMV3d".
This license agreement, called later "License", determines what the Customer can to and what is prohibited to him during everything he do with the product which he bought in AMV3d Store, called later "Product", "Original Product", or "Base Product".
This License determines also which rights for the Product has got the person, who made the Product, called later "Author", which rights has got AMV3d, and which rights has got Customer.

1. With Buying any Product in AMV3d Store, the Customer gets rights to download and use the Product which he bought.

2. The Customer, who is using a Product existing only in AMV3d Store, agrees that He didn't took possession of this Product in any other way that by buying it in AMV3d Store. The Customer, who is using a Product existing in AMV3d Store or on other sites, agrees that He didn't took possession of this Product in other way that designed by it's Author.

3. The Customer has rights to download Product that he bought in any moment and as many times as he wants to. Customer don't must download the Product that he bought. AMV3d don't must to inform Customer, that on his account there are not-downloaded products.

4. The Customer has right to make a copy of the Product which he bought only on his own media and data backup, and can't share those with third parties.

5. Once the Customer is buying a Product, he gets rights to use this Product on every software, which for that is desired by the Product's Author.

6. Customer has right to adjust Product to every program he has got without informing an author or AMV3d.
   a) The only exception of this decision is a situation, when in Product's documentary will be explict record that the Author's EULA says something else.

7. Author of the Product declares that whole Product with every part of it is only his work and only he has got copyright laws for it.

8. The Customer isn't allowed to share Product with any third parties, primarily sharing it on data/media drives, post Product on any network or making available on network virtual data drives, place the Product on his sites and services in order to make the Product available to third parties, share torrents and links to illegal copies of the Product.

9. The customer has no right to share the Product, or it's part as a part of his work. The exception to this provision is to use the Product as part of a game or application, provided that the third party does not have access to the full, or packed Product in its original form, or to original part of it and the Product was adapted to the game or application by the customer, and the customer posted with the Product suitable record, which protects the Product against illegal copying.

10. The Customer has the right to use the Product for commercial and non-commercial use, provided that it does not violate other provisions of the license.

11. The Product can be used for commercial purposes, in particular, to: creating images, advertisements, stickers, logo-type graphics, websites, printing, business cards, postcards, billboards, flyers, videos, tutorials, animations, illustrations for scientific materials and books, presentations .

12. The Product can not be used to create a cast figures, molded plastic figures, toys, real items,  etc. If the customer needs the Product to create such items, he should contact the Author of the Product and determine the individual terms of the license.

13. The customer has the right to create and publish a paid or free of charge, Product additions making its use easier, changing the look and its behavior only if:
   a) the new product contains no original part of the Original Product
   b) the new product is not competitive with the Original Product
   c) the Customer has placed with a new product full information about the Base Product and its Author
   d) the new product does not break the law, in particular the copyrights of third parties

14. The Customer mustn't use the Product for illegal purposes, in particular to create materials that contain prohibited content, ridiculing or vilifying third parties, and / or luring to break the law.

15. AMV3d and Product's Author assumes no liability for the problems and losses of using the Product in a manner inconsistent with the included within the Product instructions. Adapting the Product to programs and application other than those provided by the artist, The Customer do so at his own risk.

16. AMV3d and Author of the Product does not guarantee the compatibility of the Product with the programs and applications other than those recommended by the Author in the instruction manual. In order to avoid misunderstandings, a copy of the instructions for use of the Product is available via the AMV3d Store, on website of the Product, and the Customer has the right of access to the instructions before he buy the Product.

17. The customer, who resigned from the Product by subjecting it to the complaint process, since he gets his payments for the product back, has no rights to use the Product, and is obliged to delete all copies of the Product he created on every media drives and data backups. Products has digital tags, unique, and recognizable by AMV3d inside them.

18. Transferring Product on media is only possible in the context of working with the Product covered by this License, and only lets share it with collaborating people, provided that the shared Product is protected against access by third parties. The customer has the right to make the Product available to the household, provided that he makes a Product available on his own device, and does not let household an access to the Product in its full, original form, on any media, or through virtual drives.

19.The user who for some reason has - in order to do his work with the Product - go against to any decision of this license, is obliged to make contact on this issue with the company AMV3d or with an Author of the Product.